The Acta Sactorum are one of the most important sources for the study of society and culture in early Christian and medieval Europe. Our knowledge of this period relies almost exclusively on the hagiographic literature, in particular the monumental text collection that was released over a period of 300 years from the Société des Bollandistes. The Acta Sanctorum Database contains the entire text of the 68 printed volumes.

The edition is based on the series "Heinemann's African Writers Series" a comprehensive collection of modern African literature of the 20th Century.
The series, which includes more than 300 titles, including poetry, drama and non-fiction by authors such as Ama Ata Aidoo, Mongo Beti, Steve Biko, Dennis Brutus, Cyprian Ekwensi, Buchi Emecheta, Bessie Head, Luis Bernardo Honwana, Chenjerai Hove, Nelson Mandela, Jack Mapanje and Veronique Tadjo.

Offered the electronic backfile (up to 2005) of the publisher Blackwell Publishing (Wiley-Blackwell). Since this is a scale digitization project for several years, there are currently 242 items of publishing package with a broad professional spectrum.

Offered the archive data of 150 stocks from the program by Brill Academic Publishers. In the humanities, a particular focus are on the areas of classical studies, theology and religion, history, culture and history of the Middle East.

The British Periodical database contains full texts of 472 popular science, art history and literary British magazines of the 17th to 20th Century. The repertory is the world's most important titles from the inventory of over 100 libraries, which are partly difficult to access.

Cambridge University Press (CUP) publishes a wide range of prestigious academic journals with high penetration. Magazines are offered in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences with a total of 138 title up to and including 2011.

CAJ contains full texts of academic journals from all areas in the original language of the years 1994 to 2011.

Elsevier provides its journal archive in subject-specific collections.
The National license includes a total of approximately 1,500 titles.

Emerald: eJournals Premier Archive provides full-text articles from over 300 journals by the publisher Emerald, beginning from the start of publication until 2021. Most journals come from the field of economics. 

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The digitized collection of the physicist and feminist Aletta H. Jacobs is the world's largest full-text database on the history of women and feminism. Consisting of books, periodicals and pamphlets, it reflects the development of feminist consciousness and women's rights movement.
It comprises four centuries and is therefore very time much more extensive than the previous national licenses. It includes about 2 million pages on publications from Europe, North America and New Zealand in 15 different languages.

The Oxford Journals Collection is part of the Oxford University Press, the world's largest university press and includes titles of the following areas:

  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Social Sciences

Periodicals Archive Online is now the most important online resource for electronic journals in the fields of culture, arts and social sciences. It contains a total of 500 journals with articles 1.9 million or 12.9 million pages.

This historical periodical index provides bibliographic research in approximately 4,800 journals in the humanities and social sciences under one interface. The period covered is from 1739 to 2000. There are publications for more than 37 subjects and included in over 40 languages and dialects. To the full-text journals contained in Periodicals Archive Online is linked directly from the bibliographic record.

Offered over 600 electronic journals of the publisher Sage Publications, covering a wide range of subjects.

The archive includes over 370 journals of the following from Taylor & Francis available archival packages from Volume 1 to Volume 2000 ( approximately 6.4 million pages):

  • Behavioral Sciences Online Archive
  • Business, Management & Economics Online Archive
  • Chemistry & Materials Science Online Archive
  • Education Online Archive
  • Engineering, Computing & Technology Online Archive
  • Geography, Planning, Urban & Environment
  • Mathematics & Statistics Online Archive
  • Physics Online Archive

There is an overview for accessible titles.

As the "newspaper that documents everything", The Times from London has been providing authoritative reporting, information about

  • parliamentary debates,
  • critical interpretation of facts
  • a unique historical insight into the viewpoint of important reporters and
  • issues of the respective epoch

Thanks to the full-text search and subject classification of each individual article, each issue can be searched by keywords in the title or article text, author and subject categories, among other things.

The offer consists of approximately 150 journals covering a broad humanistic and scientific spectrum of subjects.

The World Biographical Information System Online (DBIS online) includes million short biographies of numerous reference works, from the 16th until the beginning of the 21st Century have been published. The contained biographical archives consider each different language and cultural areas.