Online Services - An Overview

The following online services are available via the university library of the HTW Berlin. To access these services, please sign into the HTW network via a VPN (in German). Please make sure to use the HTW-SSL-VPN-Full access. Only via this access the complete internet traffic is routed through the university. The websites and databases automatically recognize your IP address. In case of problems please delete your cache first.

Please also note that not all offers on the websites of the respective publishers and database providers are also licensed by the university library and can be read in full text.

We will be happy to answer your questions by e-mail via and via phonecall +49 (0) 30 5019-2221.

Table of contents

In addition to using the webOPAC to research all print media available at HTW Berlin, you can also use it to search for online media and access all licensed e-books, online journals and online media available via DFG’s national licences. Not included: Journal articles and other specialist information from databases.

Here you will find a list of databases sorted by topic. This service is particularly interesting if you want to search for journal articles or for e-books, standards, statistics or other specialist information.

This web page explains the services offered by the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) where you can research in all e-journals of HTW Berlin. There is also a collection of important, frequently used online journals. All journals and newspapers that are offered online can also be researched via the WebOPAC.

This website provides an overview of the major publishers and database providers from which the university library purchases e-books. When researching e-books, it is more effective to use the WebOPAC which has a full list of all e-books.

Here you will find a selection of online offerings that have been acquired via DFG-funded national licences and provide free access to electronic information (databases, digital text collections and electronic journals). These online media can also be researched in the WebOPAC.

Learning via video tutorials, a LinkedIn account is not required.