Databases contain a mostly thematically oriented selection of journals, e-books, standards, company information, statistics and many other types of information. In order to get an overview of the licensed databases of the University Library, you can find two different compilations here.

Access via VPN

To enable the access from home to a database service of the university library, some database providers guarantee access to their database via VPN. VPN creates an encrypted connection (via IPSec) between the dial-in point (e. g. the home network) and the HTW-Berlin network, which guarantees a secure data transport.
The data center provides you a VPN client that you can install on your computer and gives a detailled instruction  how to install and log in to it.

Please note

Please use the group: HTW-SSL-VPN-Full for a connection to all our databases, e-books and e-journals. This is the only way to ensure that all Internet traffic runs over an IP address of the HTW-Berlin. During the login process please ensure that you choose this group directly over your account information in a drop-down-menu. 

If there are any problems please reset your cache and try again to connect.