Specialised Information Services

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Art / Design

adlr.link means Advanced Delivery of Library Resources for Communication, Media, and Film Studies and is the central discovery portal for everyone who is interested in communication, film, television or media, or is working, researching, teaching or studying in this area. You can search for books, journal articles, video and audio materials and online resources.
As a specialist information service, we also provide researchers in communications, media and film studies and the related disciplines with literature quickly and effectively.
adlr.link is operated by the Leipzig University Library and funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.


The specialized information service Art - Photography - Design, provides access to books, journal articles, images, movies and Internet resources on contemporary art from 1945, photography, industrial design and advertising art.

Virtual Library of Musicology (ViFaMusik)
ViFaMusik, the central portal for music and musicology, allows you to access an extensive digital library containing the latest scholarly research and online resources. Using a single search engine you can find bibliographical data, full text data, and information about experts in musicology. ViFaMusik is “work in progress” and is continuously being extended.

Natural Sciences

Mathematics Information Service
The Mathematics Information Service (fidmath) is the central access point for your search for mathematical information. It allows to search both for conventional forms of media and for electronic resources.
In one single search query you may look simultaneously for literature in libraries, online available articles, tables of contents of academic journals, reviews of the Zentralblatt MATH and also for internet sites covering mathematics.

Virtual Library of Biology (ViFaBio)
This portal offers rapid access to biological literature and information. Search numerous catalogues, databases, journals and Internet resources.


ireon Portal
We provide the central point of access in Germany to rigorously selected bibliographic references, facts, documents and web sites relevant to the special subject collection International Relations and Area Studies (IBLK). We aim to provide our users with easy-to-use, clearly structured access to scholarly, up to date information.


Virtual Law Library (ViFaRecht)
The Virtual Law Library (Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Recht) is the central portal of the Scientific Information Service for International and Interdisciplinary Legal Research. All services provided shall give the users pooled references of quality-assured specialist information and easy access to research publications from the international legal scholarship.

Economic Sciences, Social Sciences

The virtual specialist economics library EconBiz provides support in research for specialist information in the Economic Sciences.

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