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Note: To use the LinkedIn Learning videos, please go to "Sign in". Enter your HTW account email address and click on "Continue". Then click on "Sign in with Single Sign-On", follow the instructions on the screen and sign in with your HTW account. You will then be taken directly to your SAML portal. After signing in, you can then access the training courses directly.

You do not need a LinkedIn account!

When you sign in for first time, you will be asked which videos you would like to see. You can change your preferences in the settings later on if you wish.

Tip: After signing in, you can switch between the languages and therefore also between the different libraries. To do this, scroll down to the very bottom of the page after signing in and you will see the choice of languages available.


LinkedIn Learning combines content from and Video2Brain with personalised course recommendations based on the know-how of the LinkedIn network. The platform enables you to acquire business, technical and creative skills to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Data-based course selection: Personalised course recommendations based on position, knowledge and experience help you to find the right training for every employee.

Training for all positions and all levels: Choose from thousands of beginner to advanced courses in all subject areas, including sales, marketing, finance, business, IT, software, web development, customer service and many more. Have you always wanted to learn about all the functions that Excel has to offer, how macro photography works or to learn the basics of animation? You’ll find everything you need here.

Hundreds of soft skill courses: Choose from a wide range of topics such as leadership skills, time management, problem solving, working with colleagues, conflict management, project management, communication and presentations.


The contents of the platform video2brain and now also are fully integrated into LinkedIn Learning.
Once you have signed in, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to switch between different language versions of the video libraries.

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