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Construction Work for Window in Reading Room 1

Due to short-term maintenance work on the windows until week 27 only limited use of computers and the bound magazine stocks available on the shelves is possible. Please also use the reading room 2.

Thank you for your understanding.

Bloomberg termials currently unavailable

The Bloomberg terminals, which are also located in the reading rooms TA, are currently inoperable until the end of the semester due to the IT security incident.

Please use the remote access as described on the website of the FB3:
(on the website “Corona” and “Important Notes and Guidelines for Remote Access”). If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Niesner directly: https://www.htw-berlin. de/hochschule/personen/person/?eid=7923

Information for Perinorm and Nautos

The change from the Perinorm database to the Nautos database is expected to take place in July. Until then, however, the Perinorm remains available.

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