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Who can use the libray?

The library is primarily open for students and staff members of the university. Also people who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to use the reference and lending stocks.

How do I get a library card?

For HTW students the HSC (HTW student card) is regarded as a library card.
HTW employees and external users external users please submit your identity card or passport (incl. official proof of residence, not older than one year). The registration happens in the library on presentation of the valid identity card or passport.

Can I use my library card for all HTW library Locations?

Yes. Your library card is valid in all locations of the university library (Central Library Campus Treskowallee, and the Library Campus Wilhelminenhof).

Can I eat and drink in the library?

No. The entrainment of food except water in transparent bottles is not permitted.

What should I consider when using the library?

In addition to the non-permission of eating and drinking, is phone in the rooms of the library in the interest all user also prohibited.

Furthermore, bags and coats / jackets must be stored in lockers. They are in the entrance area of the corresponding library.

The use of the locker is exclusiv for Library users. For usage a 1€ coin or a shopping cart chip is required. Alternatively, these chips can also be purchased during the Service times at the lending counter for 0. 50 €. We accept no liability for the contents of the lockers.

How can I change my user data?

HTW students modify the data automatically in the LSF. Foreign users share the changes with the staff of the university library.

How do I get a password?

HTW students sign up with matrikel number and password (as in LSF).

HTW employees and exernal users can determine the password on their own. It must consist of between 8-12 digits. Follow these instructions:

  1. please go to the pages of the online catalog (webOPAC)
  2. switch to the tab "Account"
  3. enter the number of your library card in the field "User Number"
  4. in the field "Password" please enter your new password (8-12 digits)
  5. now click on the button "Log on"
  6. please repeat the password on the next page
  7. save

What should I do if I forget my password?

HTW students please use this Link.

HTW employees and external users, please follow these instructions:

  1. go to the online catalogue (webOPAC)
  2. switch to the tab "Account"
  3. click on the button "Forgot your password?"

You will receive a password by mail which allows you to open your account.
Please create a new password after activating the account.

How can I setup my account in the online catalogue (webOPAC)?

See How do I get a password

Which media can be borrowed?

All media wich are in the online catalogue (webOPAC) designated with "available for loan".

The holdings in the central library Campus Treskowallee are available as a magazine stock with immediate loan. The media in the library Campus Wilhelminenhof campus are available in open stacks.

How many media and how long can I borrowed?

You can borrow a maximum of 50 media. The loan period usually amounts four weeks. A three-time extension is possible if there are no reservations. After the third extension, the media must be presented at the library.

How can I extend the loan period for my borrowed items?

The entension can be done independently via the online catalogue (webOPAC) in the following steps:

  1. open the the online catalogue (webOPAC)
  2. switch to the tab "Account"
  3. enter your user ID and your password and click on the button "Log on"
  4. select "my account”
  5. click on "extension"
  6. the new dates and not prolonged media are displayed

The loan period can also be extended by telephone, e-mail or in writing. Please ensure that you include a subject by writing an e-mail and pay attention to a confirmation of your application for extension.
We answer every e-mail which we receive.

How often is an extension of the loan period possible?

The loan period can be extended up to 3 times, if no reservation exists. After the three extensions, the medium must be submitted in the library and can optionally be re-borrowed.
Extensions can also be done independently in the online catalogue (webOPAC). If this is not possible, users can apply for an extension via telephone, in an e-mail to the loans desk or in writing. Media which have been reserved cannot be renewed.

How can I reserve borrowed items?

A reservation requires a registration in the library. The reservation can be done independently via the online catalogue (webOPAC) in the following steps:

  1. open the online catalogue (webOPAC)
  2. switch to the tab "Account" 
  3. enter your User ID and your password
  4. click on the button "Log on"
  5. locate the desired book in online catalogue - the book must be borrowed
  6. click on the book title (display of single result)
  7. navigate to the tab "getdocument"
  8. click on the link "reserve / order"

The book ist reserved for you.

Where can I return my books?

You can return books at both offices.

Books from the library Campus Treskowallee can not returned through the book return machine Library Campus Wilhelminenhof.

Books from interlibrary loan must be delivered to the location where they were borrowed.

How can I pay my library fines?

Payment is only cashless possible at both locations! Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer to the following account:

Account holder: HTW Berlin
Postbank Berlin
DE 09100100100043333103
Note to payee 1:
Note to payee 2: User number

Can students and teaching staff make purchase suggestions?

Yes, please contact our acquisition librarians. Orders will be made after due consideration in keeping with budgetary constraints. You have two options:

  1. write an e-mail to bibliothek-erwerbung@htw-berlin.de or
  2. fill in the formular "Acquisition request" via our homepagehttps://sisis.rz.htw-berlin.de/InfoGuideClient/acqrequest.do?methodToCall=show

Is interlibrary loan possible?

Yes. The library is part of the interlibrary loan system. More information can be found on the interlibrary loan pages.

How do I find a particular medium?

All media available in the University Library are listed in the online catalogue (webOPAC). The webOPAC supports searches according to specific criteria. The catalogue display contains information pertaining to the location of the media, its loan status and whether it can be consulted on site.

What is a memo list?

The memo list allows users to list books. It is not connected with reservation or ordering. It can only be saved after user registration in the  webOPAC with user number and password. The memo list can be named and administered by its user. Library staff do not have access to the list. It is not possible to reserve books working with the list.

Can I see what was lend on my account?

In the user account of the library catalogue, a list of the loans of the last 36 months can be displayed if desired. When a medium is returned, it is added to the history.
To activate this function, you can specify in the user account under "User data" whether a history is created for the account. If the parameter is activated in the user account, another sub-account "History" is displayed in addition to loans, orders, reservations, and charges.
By default, the parameter is disabled in the user account, i. e. no borrowing history is created. The history is not visible externally and serves as a personal overview. 

Where can I find HTW final theses (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Diplom dissertations)?

Our holdings are accessible via the list "Final Theses". Final Theses can be located via a search by name, topic and the media type for example "Diplomarbeit" in our webOPAC.

Theonline catalogue webOPAC provides a search function for final theses. Proceeed as follows:

  1. open the online catalogue (webOPAC)
  2. working with the option "Restrict search", set the media type to the desired qualification (e.g. Bachelor’s)
  3. you can also set the year of graduation
  4. for that select the desired year in the search entry "year"
  5. start search

Can I borrow theses?

Yes, as long as they are held by the library.

Can I borrow periodicals?

No. Periodicals cannot be loaned. Users can consult periodicals in the reading room 1, where they can also be photocopied.

Can I access the licensed databases from outside of the university?

Yes. HTW staff and students can access almost all licensed databases and electronic periodicals from off-campus computers at any time. The library opening hours do not apply to such services. The computer centre provides a VPN-Service. This enables users to connect to the campus network from an off-campus computer. After login, you will be allocated a university IP address. The databases accessible via this service are listed in the respective database abstract.

Are there computer workstations in the reading rooms?

Yes, there are workstations with and without computers in the reading rooms:


  • Reading room 1 TA: 60 reading rooms, 6 PC workstations and 2 research workstations
  • Reading room 2 TA: 80 reading rooms, 3 PC workstations, 3 research workstations
  • Reading room Campus WH: 350 reading rooms, including 54 PC workstations, 21 research workstations

Are there book scanners and copying facilities?

Yes, both locations have book scanners and copying facilities on site. The copiers must be operated with the canteen card. Instructions on how to charge and use the copiers are available on site.

Does the library provide rooms for group work?

Yes. For cooperation in smaller groups in the library Wilhelminenhof are three group study rooms for free. Two of them are equipped with smart boards.
One of the rooms can be booked by HTW students at least a day before they are required. This can be performed at the information desk or the loan desk. The other two rooms do not require reservation.

In the interests of all users, students are required to maintain silence in the group work rooms.

As in all library facilities, eating and drinking (with the exception of water) and any form of telephone communication is strictly forbidden. Bags and coats / jackets are to be deposited in the lockers in the library entrance.

Are there any carrel (reading booths)?

Yes. These are located in the library on the Wilhelminenhof campus. Carrels (reading booths) can be reserved by HTW students who can prove that they are engaged in writing their final dissertation. The duration of use amounts to four weeks. Extensions are possible as far as they have not been reserved by other students.

The key is provided in return for the desposit of a library ID card. Users must accept the terms of use.

Library holdings not subject to loan (e.g. reference copies or periodicals) may not be locked in these booths overnight. They may only be used for a short time and should be returned to the red book cart upon leaving the library. The carrels are subject to spot checks. Media not borrowed will be removed. Library staff reserve the right to bar repeat offenders from use of the booths.

Where can I work with Scientific WorkPlace®?

"Scientific WorkPlace ®" enables the editing and calculation of mathematical and scientific text (with CAS MuPAD) with formula.

Where can I work with ScientificWorkPlace®?

  • PC work stations in the library on the Wilhelminenhof campus

Which format editions are available?



  • Producing high-quality mathematic formulas (“book quality”)
  • Enables internet publications
  • Realization of high-performance graphic, numerical and symbolic calculations