Publishing thesis in the library's repository

The library publishes theses of its students on the institutional repository OPUS htw. They can be viewed and downloaded by HTW members and are indexed in various search engines for scientific articles. Access is only possible via VPN.

Personal data is also recorded in the HTW Berlin online catalogue (webOPAC) for the thesis. This information includes the first and last name of the author, the title of the thesis and the year of graduation. This enables all users of the online catalogue to search the catalogue. HTW Berlin limits its responsibility for data processing to the webOPAC catalogue and the document server OPUS htw.

To submit your thesis in digital form to the HTW Berlin library, your authorisation for publication is required. The copyright of your thesis remains with you, even after you have given your consent for it to be published on the server.

Instructions for uploading to Moodle

Final thesis are submitted via a dedicated Moodle course. You will receive exclusive access via your department if the supervisor agrees to the publication and provided the grade of your thesis is 2.0 or better.

Please note the following steps:

1. Access to the Moodle course

You will be notified of your access to the course by e-mail. Please note the time limits for your HTW Berlin account and make sure you submit your thesis on time.

2. Form "Beschreibungsdaten Ihrer Abschlussarbeit"

Fill out the form "Beschreibungsdaten Ihrer Abschlussarbeit" in the Moodle course. There are different forms for Bachelor's and Master's thesis! Among other things, you will be asked for your subject area and degree programme. Please fill in this information truthfully and conscientiously.

3. Form "Einverständniserklärung zur Veröffentlichung"

Next follows the form "Einverständniserklärung zur Veröffentlichung". Here you click on all 4 predefined declarations to agree to publication on OPUS.

4. Upload your thesis

Finally, you must upload the thesis in the "Entgegennahme der Abschlussarbeit" section.

 Please add your thesis and make sure the file name contains no spaces or special characters. The best name is "Abschlussarbeit_Abschluss_Name".

Example: Abschlussarbeit_BA_Mueller

The file must be "abgegeben".

5. Conclusion

Done! Thank you for submitting your thesis to the library. Your thesis will now be prepared for publication and will soon be available in OPUS htw and webOPAC. We reserve the right to a 4 week processing time.