B!SON Open-Access-Journal Recommender

After you have completed your research work, it is now time to publish the results. But the question is where. More and more publishers have started to publish in open access in recent years, and each of them sets different conditions for publication. In addition, the funding criteria for publication costs can be just as variable. So how do you find out where it makes sense to publish your work in open access?

To answer this question, B!SON comes to your aid! B!SON stands for (Bibliometric and Semantic Open Access Recommender Network), a tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently find out which journals are best suited to your needs. HTW Berlin offers access to a version of B!SON specially developed for all members of the university.

All you need to do is enter title, abstract and DOI of relevant literature, and with just a few clicks you will receive a list of journals that

  • match the topic of your publication,
  • fulfil high criteria of scientific quality,
  • have agreements with HTW Berlin that allow a discount on publication costs,
  • and fulfil the requirements for funding provided by HTW Berlin.

Please note

B!SON does not list any hybrid or subscription-based journals among its results. Further information on this can be found on the page Open Access publication paths.