Information interlibrary loan

Table of contents

What am I allowed to order?

  • via the interlibrary loan only media can be ordered, which are not detected in the inventory of the HTW library
  • please note that not all media that can be found in the interlibrary loan resource  are available for interlibrary loan

How much does an order?

  • € 1.50 per commissioned interlibrary loan (regardless of whether the order can be realized)
  • when copying from 40 pages additional costs
  • the fees must be paid in the loan department of the respective location

When can I pick up my order?

  • You will be automatically notified via email once your order arrives at each location

Can I extend my orders?

  • Renewals please apply by mail or in person in the loan department of the respective location where you have have borrowed the item
  • the terms of use and the loan period of the ordered literature determines the lending library (maybe the interlibrary loans can not be renewed)