Project DEAL

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General Information

Project DEAL is negotiating nationwide licensing agreements with the major science publishers to improve access to scientific literature and to promote open access publishing. The aim is to negotiate nationwide transformative “Publish and Read” agreements with the largest commercial publishers for scientific journals.

HTW Berlin participates in both the DEAL contract of Wiley and Springer Nature.

The two DEAL contracts provide the following benefits for members of HTW Berlin:

  • Publishing in Hybrid Open Access
    As a member of the HTW Berlin, you can publish your articles free of charge in subscription journals of Springer and Wiley. Currently, the contract includes 1,900 Springer magazines as well as about 1,600 Wiley magazines. You will not receive an invoice from the publisher. This is sent via MPDL Services GmbH to the respective DEAL institution. Therefore, use the Open Access option to increase the visibility of your articles.
    The University Library will advise you on whether a journal is a subscribed journal (= hybrid journal).
  • Publishing Gold Open Access
    If you publish in a Gold Open Access magazine of the two publishers, you will receive a discount on the publication fees due to your affiliation to HTW Berlin (article processing charges (APC)). Here, too, the university library will advise you on all questions.
  • Visibility of research results
    By publishing your research in Open Access, researchers and the general public worldwide will be able to access it directly and freely, making it more visible and more usable. This results in higher citation rates and a greater impact of research results from German research institutions.
  • Full-text access to e-journals of publishers
    Access to almost the entire journal portfolio of the two publishers as well as the archival rights from 1997 to the end of the respective contract term is available to members of HTW Berlin in the HTW network or via VPN.