Managing literature with Citavi

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Reference management with Citavi

The university library of HTW Berlin has acquired a campus license for the software "Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organization".

Citavi supports you in managing your literature, which you need for the scientific works (making of assignments, term papers or thesis).
If the books have an ISBN, this number is sufficient and Citavi find all the necessary bibliographic data (author, title, publisher, year, possibly the cover art and a brief abstract) from the Internet.

In addition, the literature can be easily indexing and categorizing. For each text, the most important citations can be found, systematically organize and connect with  own ideas, thoughts and first draft texts.

In addition Citavi works together with almost all word processors, also LaTeX editors. By clicking the collected quotations, thoughts and source documents are in the text and it will automatically created a list of cited literature.

A detailed overview of the features is available on the provider's website.

License terms

The University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin may use an unlimited number of licenses of Citavi team as part of the campus license.
This offer applies to all students and employees of the HTW Berlin. Former members and/or former students of the HTW Berlin are excluded from use.

System requirements

Main storage:
recommend 4 GB RAM or more

System software:
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 (with all updates) respectively Windows Server 2012

Access Software

  1. Install Citavi Free
    You get the free version "Citavi Free" here:

  2. Ask for your free license key
    The form for the license key request can be found here:
    Note: For authentication use your e-mail address of the HTW Berlin, an order with a free mail address (, GMX, Gmail, etc.) is not possible.

  3. Enter the license data in Citavi
    Start Citavi and enter the license key from the mail that you received from the producer of the software. The email describes the procedure. With the license key the free version will be converted for the duration of the campus lease in the Pro-version.
    The license key gives you the right to use Citavi on two computers (at home and at work) or on a USB stick.

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