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University Library terms of use

Issued on the basis of § 61 section. 1 no. 11 of the Gesetzes über die Hochschulen im Land Berlin (Berliner Hochschulgesetz – BerlHG) from 12 October 1990 (GVBl. S. 2178) and the Ergänzungsgesetzes (Er. G BerlHG), the Academic Senate of the Technischen Fachhochschule has issued the following provisions:*

  • § 1 Scope
    (1) These terms of use apply to all FHTW Berlin libraries at the locations: Karlshorst – Treskowallee
    (2) Wherever reference is made in these regulations to university members or officials, the term refers to both men and women alike.
  • § 2 Duties and tasks of the library
    The HTW libraries serve the ends of studying, teaching, research, further and continuing education and knowledge and technology transfer. They perform their tasks by maintaining access to their holdings in both reference forms and their loan and providing information in their catalogue and local databases.
  • § 3 Entitlement to use
    (1) The libraries, and in particular the teaching collections are primarily available to HTW students and staff. All those aged 18 and over are entitled to make use of the reference and loanable collections. All those under the age of 18 are eligible to user status in justifiably exceptional cases. Such individuals require the permission of their legal guardian. (parent or guardian).
    (2) Use of the libraries requires resgistration in the library and acceptance of the terms of use. The terms of use are available at all library facilities. Registration requires the presentation of a valid legal Identity Card or passport. FHTW students are required to present their student ID card. Outside users are required to provide proof of a valid Berlin address. Should they be unable to do so, such persons are permitted access to the library catalogue and the reference use of the library holdings, but they are not permitted to borrow any media.
    (3) A library card entitles its holder to use of all the user facilities in the FHTW libraries. Loss of this card is to be reported immediately. All changes to names and address are to be communicated to the library immediately. All damage caused by the misuse of a library card is the liability of the user named on the card and to whom the card has been issued. The library stores all relevant and permissible personal data of FHTW student as far as this data contributes to the completion of the tasks performed by the library. The data required for this purpose is taken from the university administration.
    (4) Users are required to inform the university of any change to their status as members of the FHTW. The library issues confirmation of return once users have returned loaned holdings. Entitlement to use of the library facilities will expire as soon as a further user status is not agreed.
  • § 4 Opening times
    The opening times are determined by the library manager and announced via notice.
  • § 5 Principles of use
    (1) In the interest of all users, silence is to be maintained in all rooms of the library, especially the catalogue room and the reading rooms. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in these rooms.
    (2) The catalogue is to be used with all due care. Catalogue cards may not be removed or altered. Both books and periodicals and any work materials taken into and from the reading room are to be shown to staff members without request. Coats, files or bags may not be taken into the reading room. The library does not accept any liability for user's posessions taken into the library.
    (3) The lockers and cloakroom lockers provided by the FHTW are not subject to surveillance. Their use therefore follows at the user's own risk. We will levy a fee for lost or damaged keys. (This is regulated by the scale of charges). The cloakroom lockers and other lockers may only be used until closing time. The library management reserves the right to remove items from the lockers not emptied by the time at which the library facilities close.
    (4) The user is to use all library holdings and facilities with due care and attention. Users may not transfer these holdings to third persons. Users are to provide replacements for the loss or damage to the loaned media (§ 8). All losses are to be reported to the library immediately.
    (5) The user is liable for compliance with the provisions of copyright. Those works protected by the provisions of copyright may only be copied for personal use. All data carriers provided for use by the library may only be used for the purposes of teaching or research. The rights of the programme author (manufacturer) are to be maintained at all times. It is forbidden to pass these on to third persons or to make copies. Working within the bounds of its technical capabilities, the library will make every effort to check the discs which it provides for loan for any virus programmes. Any recognizably infected data carriers will be removed from the loan holdings. The library is not liabe for damage inflicted on the files and data carriers of the user by any undetected virus programmes which occur despite the precautions taken.
    (6) The library manager is entitled to take appropriate measures vis-a-vis users to ensure the functionality of the FHTW libraries. Users are to comply with all instructions issued by library staff. 
  • § 6 Loans
    (1) The lendable library holdings will be issued immediately, as far as personnel capacity allows. Periodicals, loose-leaf collections, technical standards and corporate publications cannot be loaned. Users are to register the acceptance of literature on their library ticket. Loaned library holdings are to be checked to ensure that they are in flawless condition.
    (2) Items are lent for a period of four weeks. Special loan periods can be arranged in well-founded exceptional cases, arranged in accordance with the specific conditions found at every individual facility. If items are not reserved, users can extend a loan period three times. This extension is to be applied for orally, in writing or by telephone. It will not be granted automatically. In certain special cases, the library is entitled to extend or reduce the loan period, especially in cases involving the completions of final theses, work assignments, loans during the vacation, or in the case of reservations from another user.
    (3) Loanable library holdings can be reserved. The user will be informed of the arrival of the literature. Oral inquiries are recommended. The books are available for collection for 14 days.
    (4) Students and members of staff may not borrow more than 15 books simultaneously. Outside users are restricted to a total of 10 books. Multiple loan of the same title by the same person is not permitted.
  • § 7 Obligation to return, fines
    (1) Library property is to be returned at the end of the loan period without request at the latest or upon loss of borrowing rights. If the items are not returned, the user will be issued with a reminder and fine. All fines due are to be paid by bank transfer (this is regulated by the scale of charges). Users are to provide proof of payment.
    (2) If the user does not act upon a three-time summons to return the library property, the user will be subject to an administrative procedure in keeping with the Verwaltungsvollstreckungsgesetz. This will be implemented 10 days after the third reminder. The user will not be loaned any further books.
  • § 8 Obligation of replacement
    (1) Loss of, or serious damage to books requires that the user effect equal replacement. This is to be arranged with the library administration. If replacement proves to be impossible, all the costs of copying and binding incurred or compensation is to be paid in full (this is regulated by the scale of charges). The library will issue the user with the corresponding bank transfer form. The user is to provide the library proof (receipts) of any payments.
  • § 9 Discharge
    Following the loss of user rights in accordance with §3, the user affected must return all books borrowed from the library as well as their library card. The library will issue confirmation of discharge.
  • § 10 Exclusion from the library
    Users repeatedly and seriously infringing the conditions of use, especially those ignoring reminders and refusing to return books, can be subject to temporary or permenant exclusion from use of all FHTW libraries. The decision is made by the Vice Chancellor upon the suggestion of the library management.
  • § 11 Legal validity
    These terms attain validity on the day after their publication in the official publication (Amtlichen Mitteilungen) of the Technischen Fachhochschule Berlin.

Scale of fees

Terms of use for Carrels

The following provisions apply to the use of the carrels on the HTW Wilhelminenhof campus:

  • Use of the carrels is open exclusively to members of the HTW. HTW students?are required to provide certification of their enrolment.
  • The length of use amount to a maximum of 4 weeks.
  • Keys must be signed for.
  • Students recieving the key are not permitted to pass it on to a third party.
  • All food and drinks (with the exception of bottled water) as well as coats / jackets and bags are NOT permitted in the carrel.
  • Only those media issued to the student may be stored in the carrel.
  • Periodicals and items from the presence collection may not be locked in the ?carrel. Following violation of these provisions, library staff are entitled to remove the media affected.
  • Users are to notify library staff of any long periods of absence e.g. due to illness.
  • Late return of a key will lead to an immedate enforcement procedure and a fine.
  • The HTW library does not accept any responsibility either for the keys issued or ?any objects stored in the reading cabin. The costs for a replacement key (70€) will be invoiced to the user.
  • Repeated infringement of the user regulations can result in withdrawal of the right of use for the carrel.